Experiencing the Adventure

Experiencing The Adventure traces my more than 24 years of working with wild animals. It begins with the opening of the first Roam free park in Florida, and continues as I worked in 4 additional animal parks in California, Georgia, Japan and Korea. No one knew what would happen in any situation. There was no one we could call for help because these parks are so completely different than running zoos and we were the first developers. In all those years of working with the different animals, so many funny, dangerous and occasionally sad things happened, many of which is documented here.

As an example, inside these parks there were heads, places where the lions would gather. These were thick with vegetation and swamps. Lions would go into the heads and at times we would have to track them down. This was different and more dangerous then tracking and hunting them to kill, for we often had to get a lot closer to the animals to tranquilize them. At times I might have as many as five lions there at once, and yes, I was charged by many lions. I had to go inside those heads over 300 times to tranquilize animals.

The book is not just about lions though. It includes stories about my three years as a regular ranger, followed by the many years as a chief game warden, and my encounters with a wide variety of African animals.